The Museum of the Broadcast TV Camera

Visit to the National Media Museum September 2015. Page 10
(please read the notes at the foot of this page).

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Grass Valley type 300 Vision Mixer

For Public to use & access

Portable TV display

Unusual TVs

EMI 2001 Camera

Philips/Norelco PC60 camera link

Thomson TTV-1635 camera

Marconi B3200 colour camera link

Pye Mk3 camera

The control equipment for the Pye Mk3 camera

Marconi MkIII camera

EMI Type 10678 camera

EMI 1937 Standard Emitron camera

Ampex VR1000 Video Tape Recorder

Controls and monitor for the EMI 10678 camera

Long necked Emitron camera tube

Cut-away view of the Emitron camera

The Farnsworth Image Dissector camera tube

Wide view of the pre- war display case

Marconi Round-Sykes Microphone

Marconi ABXT ribbon microphone

Marconi "Marble Block" Microphone

STC, The "Bomb" microphone

Marconi/BBC Lip microphone

Wide view of the main public camera display

Second view to the left of previous picture

EMI type 4499 camera Link

Marconi MkVIII, MkIX, & MkX on shelf

EMI Emitrons

EMI 201 camera

EMI 203 camera

Link 110 camera

Part of a sound desk, the rest was obscured

An array of TV's on shelves

Wide view of film equipment

The Famous "Clapometer"

Pye Mk7 & RCA TK30A

Camera crane of USA origin

American Iconoscope & UK Photicon tube (front)