Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

Pye Super Lynx Television Camera 325° view

Pye Super Lynx Television Camera 325° view
This camera is the final development of the Lynx line of cameras. It is well built with a very solid cast aluminium chassis and cover. It takes a standard "C" mount lens. It normally has a type 9677P vidicon fitted but a plumbicon could be supplied to special order.
The Handbook says for 525/60 or 625/50 lines with a horizontal resolution of 600 lines.
LDM0001/01 Random interlace
LDM0001/02 2:1 Interlace
LDM0001/03 as 01 but for remote control
LDM0001/04 as 02 but for remote control
LDM0001/05 as 03 but for external drive pulses.




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