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KT-116 Television Camera

KT-116M Colour Television Camera

The KT-116M studio camera has four pick-up tubes of the Plumbicon type 30mm. in diameter, with a "Raduga" 10-to-l zoom lens. The signal-to-noise ratio of the camera at 6 MHz, is at least 41 dB, with a scene illuminance of 1,200 lux, a light source colour temperature of 3,200 °K, an f-setting of 1.4, and a modulation depth of 90% of the nominal value for 4 MHz, without aperture correction. An aperture corrector ensures 100% modulation at 5 MHz. The minimum illuminance at which the picture retains a satisfactory quality is 200 lux. Extract from "International Exhibition SVJAZ-75 Soviet Section" Leaflet


These pictures were kindly sent to me by Zdenek Houška as part of the Russian service handbook dated 1972.



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