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The Soviet KT-190 Television Camera

The Soviet KT-190 Television Camera
This picture was sent in by Chris Butler, who writes:-

"Looking through your pictures I see that you mention the Russian KT-190 handheld and thought the attached might be of interest. It was taken whilst we Shots Television Mobiles were working in St Petersburg, or Leningrad as it was at the time, in 1989.
We were there in the Kirov Theatre, now Mariinski, recording for NVC Arts using our Asaca portable production system and 4 Ikegami HL95 cameras. The local Leningrad TV station took an interest in what we were doing and sent their ENG team. The poor cameraman had to contend with an enormously heavy Sony BVP300 copy plus, as can be seen two NP1 batteries to power the recorder and a huge battery belt to power the camera. Note the large connectors for lens and viewfinder."




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