Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

KT-6 Television Camera

KT-27 Television Camera for studio use.
This new camera was offered with an Image orthicon for outside broadcast or studio use. It was also to be available with a super iconoscope tube for studio use. Both versions had the same construction style.


The camera has a motor operated graduated neutral density filter for exposure control and the focus is servo controlled with a potentiometer on the camera side. A set of contacts on each lens corrects the servo so that as the lens is changed the focus is corrected. Another interesting feature is an electronic zoom with buttons offering scaling of 1.4 : 1 or 1.8 : 1 by changing the voltage & magnetic fields on the image section of the tube.


A Paper was presented at the Brit. I.R.E. television conference at Cambridge in 1959 given by B.A. Berlin of the "State Committee for Radio Electronics, Moscow". It describes the progress of Soviet television cameras and studio equipment and details proposals for the future.

Ref. Brit I.R.E. May 1960 pages 381 to 386.


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