Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

Thomson History Notes


1937: The first camera Thomson. This camera was presented the first time at the            International exhibition in Paris in 1937 at the Radio Pavilion. Operating in 455 lines            with an expanded bandwidth of 2.5 MHz this was the best image available in 1937.

1938: First operational electronic cameras

1948: The Television congress choice of 819 lines

1954: Agreement with Pye for the THT-620 camera.


1967: Thomson-CSF merger in 1967 brought together all the pioneering companies in            French Television: Compagnie des Compteurs, Radio Industrie, CSF


1968: The beginnings of color in France


1975: The CBS Laboratories were acquired by Thomson-CSF to become "Thomson-CSF            Laboratories


1976-7: Thomson and Sony Microcam licence and commercial agreements on video               recorders.


At the end of the 1990s, after Thomson's merger with BTS, which already included Philips and Bosch-Fernseh, and then after the takeover of GrassValley, thomson team Camera studies in Cergy ceased and it was the Philips original range developed in Breda that remained in the catalogue.


1998: Thomson ceases camera development.