Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

Thomson-CSF-Houston THT-600 Television Camera

Thomson-CSF-Houston THT-600 Television Camera

Bernard Tichit writes:-
On the technical side, the Vidicon Camera was very simple. The Vidicon tube was 1” in diameter with a length of 180 mm (7”), or one-tenth the volume of a 3” Orthicon Camera. The temperature did not need stabilising and it was very easy to use. Moreover, Thomson manufactured conventional antimony-trisulfide Vidicon, which enabled it to select the best tubes.
It was possible to simplify the circuitry of a Vidicon Camera greatly by comparison with Orthicon, and from 1960 very compact miniaturised Cameras had been built for surveillance and submarine applications.
The Camera had a number of original features, such as its mechanical zoom control (using cables) and the instantly pluggable scanning assembly module, which was very convenient for maintenance.



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