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Thomson TTV-1601 Television Camera

Thomson TTV-1601 Television Camera

History:   B. Tichit writes:-

Following the agreement between Thomson and Sony signed in 1977, Sony developed a one-piece version of the MK2 Camera within a few months. There were hardly any circuitry changes, but a remarkable manufacturing development based on highly accessible and easily manufactured plug-in cards. Plus perfect ergonomics… quite the reverse of the MK2!

It had a very flat and well balanced case, which immediately achieved great success throughout the world: the true Electronic News Gathering (ENG) Camera was born!
More than 5,000 of these Cameras were manufactured, with excellent reliability. There was no competing equipment to match the TTV 1601 (otherwise known as the Sony BVP 300).
This success was so shattering that it immediately placed Sony in the front rank of the very small world of “Broadcast” equipment. The Camera was sold under both brand names, but Sony already had a very efficient world-wide distribution network.



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