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The Marconi MkI (A) type TA.111302 has a Knob for the focus control.
The Marconi MkI (B) type TB.111302 has a version of the lever focus control, known as the "beer handle"
The MkI camera was made by Marconi in the UK but is closely based on the RCA TK30 camera.

The 4 lenses fit to the turret using a fine screw thread and a range of focal lengths were available together with external, individual, neutral density filters that could be used in bright conditions. No remote control of exposure was provided. On outside broadcasts this would be operationally very inconvenient!. The later Marconi MkII camera had iris motors fitted to each lens. I suspect that these were also retrofitted to the MkI's that the BBC had when they were used on OBs.

Page 01 Marconi MkIB Television Camera twin view. type TB.111302
Page 02 Marconi MkIB Television Camera front and rear views.
Page 03 Marconi MkIB Television Camera, on tripod.
Page 04 Marconi MkIB Television Camera, with the covers opened, right side.
Page 05 Marconi MkIB Television Camera, with the covers opened, left side.
Page 06 Marconi MkIB Television Camera, close up of the line scan valve and EHT rectifier.
Page 07 Marconi MkIB Television Camera, view of top of camera.
Page 08 Marconi MkIB Television Camera Viewfinder.
Page 09 Marconi MkIB Television Camera CCU type T-A 113302
Page 10 Marconi MkIB Television Camera CCU, valve side.
Page 11 Marconi MkIB Television Camera CCU, component side.
Page 12 Marconi MkIB Television Camera Power Supply Unit type T-A 174002
Page 13 Marconi MkIB Television Camera Power Supply Unit, valve side.
Page 14 Marconi MkIB Television Camera Identification plates and logo badge.
Page 15 Marconi MkIB Television Camera cable connectors, CCU end.

Marconi MkI on YouTube Shown at 1.58 mins in from the start, it is thought to be held at the Wireless Hill museum of communication, Austraila. The MkI is rare, 2 are know to survive.

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A report on Marconi television equipment was published in Wireless World May 1949 p181.



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